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Michael Abrahams and David Casolani
have been selling paintings in London since 1989.
"Our aim is to provide a high standard of art at popular prices ranging from £150 to £950. All of our paintings are original and of their period. We do not deal in modern reproductions. We sell to the public and have built up an excellent reputation with the trade in the UK and abroad".

A selection from our current stock:
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Reference 2626M.?Oil on canvas. 'The Day's Catch' signed R Coleman, dated 1833.?31cm x 25.5cm Reference 2641M. Oil on canvas, continental street scene with figures, signed A Schoth (Anton Schoth 1859-1906). 33cm x 24cm.
Reference 2608M.?Oil on canvas.?Full portrait of a horse in a stable c. 1900, signed F Straybl, the horse's name 'Perfection' etched on the frame. One of a pair. 35.5cm x 45cm(See right). Reference 2608M2.?Oil on canvas, full portrait of a horse with a little dog, signed F Straybl, horse's name 'Fairplay' and dog's name 'Rose' etched into the frame. 39cm x 50.5cm. One of a pair. (See left).
Reference 3350.?Oil on panel.? Mythological scene with a girl in a chariot surrounded by putti, c. 1920, signed N Osten.?35.5cm x 48cm. Reference 3356.?Oil on canvas board, canal scene signed E Vernier, dated 1891. Verso inscribed 'Bruges'.?31cm x 41.5cm.

Reference 3355.?Oil on canvas of a young man with a guitar in a pastoral landscape after Watteau.?Verso inscribed 'Picture by Andrews' .?29cm x 38cm.

Reference 2624M.?Oil on canvas.?Interior with a large potted plant, c. 1920, signed Adeble.?48.5cm x 39cm.
Reference 3341.?Oil on canvas, fishing vessels in Lowestoft harbour, c.1880.?Unsigned.?41cm x 61.5cm. Reference 3357.?Oil on panel, figure fishing by a bridge, signed G S Deacon ( flourished 1872-1879).?16cm x 22cm.
Reference 3314.?Oil on canvas.?Portrait of a naval officer, c.1860. Unsigned.? 66.5cm x 53.5cm.

Reference 2616M. Oil on canvas, portrait of a lady, c.1860, unsigned.? 60.5cm x 50.5cm.


Reference 3346.?One of a pair.?(See right).

Reference 3346M. One of a pair of oils on canvas, rural landscapes with thatched cottages and figures, both signed W Gates (William D Gates, 1853-1935). 41cm x 30.5cm. (See left).

Reference 3359.?Oil on canvas.?Landscape with cattle, c.1880, unsigned.?45.5cm x 61cm.    
Visit us at The Antique Arcade, 113 Portobello Road, London W11 2QB (Saturdays from 7am-3pm)
Telephone us on 0208 748 3957, Mobile 07931 594 071, or click here to email us